Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our mini-vaca!!!!!

The girls and I just returned to Florida from our mini~vacation to Alabama!!! We went back home to spend some time with our friends and family that we were really missing!!! We had a blast, but missed Brian!! So here we are back in the FL, ready for some beach time!!! :)  While back in Alabama, we did many things!! We were able to spend a lot of time with Christy, Sue and the gang!! That was so much fun!! You really don't realize how much you love and miss your friends until you are away from them!!! Love those two girls to pieces!! We were also able to spend some time with the famous "Aunt Hollie"!!! Boy have we missed her!!! She and MC made us some yummy cookies with beautiful icing and sprinkles.....they were delicious!!! :) The girls helped Grandmama (aka Mamaw) cook, which is one of their favorite things to do!!! They also helped Uncle Jonathan with the chickens, which is always fun for them!!! And last but not least, Grandaddy!!! Both of these girls have their Grandaddy wrapped!!! So whatever they wanted to do, they did!!!! Mattie's favorite was having tea parties with her Grandaddy!!!  So precious!!!!  We were also able to spend Father's Day with my wonderful Daddy!!! I have been blessed with the best parents anyone could wish for!!!! Not only do I have the best dad in the world, the girls have the best Grandaddy in the world too!!! I am so happy they get to experience what I did!!! We are all so blessed!!!!  While it was nice to be home with my family, it was a little bittersweet!! We weren't able to spend Father's Day with Brian, which made us really miss him!!! He too, is a blessing in our lives!!! He has shown US unconditional love and support!!!
With all that being said...... We had a blast in Alabama but are happy to be back in Florida for a few days!!!! We will be going back home to spend the Fourth with family and friends!!!   We can't wait!!!

Look at me!!!!

Sweet baby!!

MC about to swim....

 And there she goes.....

 Mom.... Did you see me??

The audience....

I think someone is a little spoiled??

Beach ball fun!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Cake Night!!!!!

If you know me, you know I *LOVE* to cook/bake!!! I am not creative with my cooking like my crafty sister, Hollie of,  I cook to eat!!!! And I love sweets!!!! :) So I was browsing the bakerella site today when I came across an interesting recipe! A modified white cake with buttercream icing!!! I thought to myself, yummy!!!! So while getting a new tire put on my car, we snagged some ingredients and home to start baking we went!!!!!  While I was baking my cake, Brian cooked dinner!!! The best grilled chicken I have ever had!!! It was so good, I had to have seconds!!! :)  I should have taken a picture of that too, but we were starving! Never imagined we would eat it all up!! haha!!!!!  Anyway..... here are a few pics!!! Wish you all could have a taste!!! It really is the best cake I have had in a while!!!
Thank you, Bakerella, for all the yummy recipes and ideas!!!

The finished product!!!

Mattie Claire sneaking around trying to stick her finger in the icing!!!

Andi Grace didn't waste her time with just a lick, she wanted a spoonful!!! :)

Mattie Claire told me it was the best cake she ever had!!! Usually she just eats the icing, but she actually ate the cake too!!!  Must really be a yummy cake!!!




Doesn't it look yummy, Mama?!?! I know you are looking at this and wishing you had just one bite!!!

Happy Weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!!!

I'm sad to report I have no beach pics to post, thanks to the weather!!!  We were able to go to the beach on Friday, but i forgot my camera!!! :(   We stayed around the house, played in the pool and "got our tan on" the rest of the weekend!!!!! Monday morning we got up and packed for the beach!!! We packed for a fun day of pina' colodas and all!!!! We drove to the beach and the moment we got out of the car we knew we better get back in before the "Funder Monster" started!!! So what did we do......On to the outlet malls we went!!! the girls and I were super excited about shopping in the rain!!!! Brian, well not so much!!! But like always, he was a trooper and did whatever "his girls" wanted to do!!! We are all so lucky to have him!!! :) We started out in St. Augustine at the outlet malls and ended up in Jacksonville at the Avenue's Mall.  Why did we go to Jacksonville you ask??? Because that's where build-a-bear is!!! The girls were so excited to build an addition to their build-a-bear family!!!!! We had a fun day of shopping and family time!!!! Here are some pics from the weekend!!!! Hope everyone had a Happy Memorial Day!!! :)

 My neon girlies!! They both got a pair of "all star converse"!!  They are so precious!!!! Mattie Claire said, "Mom....I love these shoes! They make me run super fast and they make you smile"!!!

This was our first trip to the "Daytona Flea Market"!!! I told Brian we needed to bringthe wagon for Andi Grace, but he is a man!!! He said, "nah....we don't need that"!! So I had to carry her "on my head" as she likes to call it!!! She got a pickle popsicle and yes, she dripped it all in my hair!!! We had a fun time making precious memories as always!!! :)

We were walking through the mall and I saw something that caught my eye (as always), so I said "hang on Brian, I'll be right back"!! The next thing I know people are gathered outside the window looking in??? I peeped to see what it was....It was my sweet little Andi Grace in the window putting on a show!!! It was soooo funny!!!!! Mattie Claire teaches her everything, so you know she has the "pose" down pat!!!!!

Ha!!! She is a hoot!!!! Mattie Claire was itching to model too.....try explaining that to a 5 year old!!!!

Andi Grace's bunny..... "Flower Bunny"!!!!

 Mattie Claire's new addition......."Princess Hearts"!!

Sweet loves!!!!

Dressed for the beach!!!

Precious hair!!!

Pink-a-dot goes everywhere!!!!


 Getting ready for our "family exercise"....sporting those *all-stars*!!

AG learning how to pose!!!

My sweet AG loves to dress herself!!!

MC's two favorite and rainbow!!!!!

MC riding her scooter!!!!

Andi Grace insisted on pulling the wagon!!!

ha!! She had that arm going!!!!

Love her socks!!!! :)

Hope you all had a Happy Memorial Day!!! Love and hugs to you all!!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

My Sweet Girls!!!

Today was another beach day!! I was able to snap some pics before loading up and heading out!! Just wanted to share a few!!!!  :)

 Sweet little sister secrets!!! :)

yes.... we wear hair bows to the beach too!!!!!

Andi Grace and her "silly bands"!!!Precious!!!!!
She LOVES them, and it is so cute how she puts them on her ankle!!!

She smiles so big that it makes her little eyes squint closed!! I told her to smile and keep her eyes open, so she pulled her eye lids down!! Mattie Claire with her dramatic self said, "Andi Grace....don't do that! Your eyeballs will fall out"!! haha!! Thanks for that, mama!!!!! :)

Speaking of my animated Mattie Claire!!!

And finally, we made it to the beach!!! I had to snap this on picture!! My baby girl is growing up to fast! Just in the past month she has gone from not playing in the sand to loving playing all by herself!!! *sniff, sniff*!! I miss her wanting me to hold her!!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beach Day..... May 26, 2010!!!!!

According to Brian, today was the best day ever to go to the beach and "catch some waves"!!!  I never argue when it comes to going to the beach for the day!!! So we packed up and went to Ormond Beach to hang out with Uncle Tony for the day!!! The girls had a blast with the boogie boards, and Brian had a  blast surfing the monster waves!!! Me....well it made me a little nervous to see Brian so far out with those "killer waves", but I made it!!! :)

Mattie Claire pulling Andi Grace on the boogie board!!!

 I love this pic!!! Look at them laughing!!!

Mattie told her to hold on, and boy did she hold on!!!!

Andi Grace was telling Mattie something!!! Looks pretty intense!!

My dancing princess!!!

future surfer or swim suit model!!! ;)

Love to watch AG run!!! Hilarious!!!

Serious "sand surfers"!!

Snack Time!!!

She called this her "surfer girl pose"!!

Love her!!!!

Brian catching a wave!!! I need a new zoom lens!!!

And another.......

And the wave bringing him back in!!!!!

Smokin'!!!!! ;)

Andi Grace and Uncle Tony eating boiled peanuts!!!

Writing in the sand!!!!

This is for all our friends and family back in Alabama!!!