Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our mini-vaca!!!!!

The girls and I just returned to Florida from our mini~vacation to Alabama!!! We went back home to spend some time with our friends and family that we were really missing!!! We had a blast, but missed Brian!! So here we are back in the FL, ready for some beach time!!! :)  While back in Alabama, we did many things!! We were able to spend a lot of time with Christy, Sue and the gang!! That was so much fun!! You really don't realize how much you love and miss your friends until you are away from them!!! Love those two girls to pieces!! We were also able to spend some time with the famous "Aunt Hollie"!!! Boy have we missed her!!! She and MC made us some yummy cookies with beautiful icing and sprinkles.....they were delicious!!! :) The girls helped Grandmama (aka Mamaw) cook, which is one of their favorite things to do!!! They also helped Uncle Jonathan with the chickens, which is always fun for them!!! And last but not least, Grandaddy!!! Both of these girls have their Grandaddy wrapped!!! So whatever they wanted to do, they did!!!! Mattie's favorite was having tea parties with her Grandaddy!!!  So precious!!!!  We were also able to spend Father's Day with my wonderful Daddy!!! I have been blessed with the best parents anyone could wish for!!!! Not only do I have the best dad in the world, the girls have the best Grandaddy in the world too!!! I am so happy they get to experience what I did!!! We are all so blessed!!!!  While it was nice to be home with my family, it was a little bittersweet!! We weren't able to spend Father's Day with Brian, which made us really miss him!!! He too, is a blessing in our lives!!! He has shown US unconditional love and support!!!
With all that being said...... We had a blast in Alabama but are happy to be back in Florida for a few days!!!! We will be going back home to spend the Fourth with family and friends!!!   We can't wait!!!

Look at me!!!!

Sweet baby!!

MC about to swim....

 And there she goes.....

 Mom.... Did you see me??

The audience....

I think someone is a little spoiled??

Beach ball fun!!!

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  1. Sounds like a fun mini vaca! The kiddos are adorable!